WordPress child theme skeleton

Below you will find a template for a WordPress child theme. Useful when you are starting up a new project and need a starting point for a child theme.


  • Download the child theme template: Download link
  • Upload/copy the resulting folder in /wp-content/themes (Where / is your WordPress root)
  • Edit child-theme-skeleton/style.css and fill out your own theme name, description, etc.
  • The provided theme skeleton is a child of Twenty Twelve, the standard WordPress theme included with all installations. If you want to change which theme is the base, simply change the line “Template: twentytwelve” in style.css from twentytwelve to the theme slug of your parent theme. The theme slug is the name the parent theme folder.
  • Go to Appearance -> Themes, where you can activate and start working on your new theme.
  • You can create template files that override the parent theme. The best way of doing this is to copy and paste the file from the parent theme and start working from there.
  • If you need to figure out which template does what and how to name them, you can check the excellent Codex page on Template Hierarchy, or use this handy cheat sheet:


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