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Safe and unsafe PHP $_SERVER variables

Stanislav KhromovStanislav Khromov

Taken from an excellent post on Stack Overflow.

Server controlled

These variables are set by the server environment and depend entirely on the server configuration.


Partly server controlled

These variables depend on the specific request the client sent, but can only take a limited number of valid values, since all invalid values should be rejected by the web server and not cause the invocation of the script to begin with. Hence they can be considered reliable.


† If your web server responds to any request regardless of HOST header, this should be considered unsafe as well. See How safe is $_SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”]?. Also see

Entirely arbitrary user controlled values

These values are not checked at all and do not depend on any server configuration, they are entirely arbitrary information sent by the client.

'argv', 'argc' (only applicable to CLI invocation, not usually a concern for web servers)
'REQUEST_URI' (may contain tainted data)
'PHP_SELF' (may contain tainted data)
any other 'HTTP_' value

‡ May be considered reliable as long as the web server allows only certain request methods.

§ May be considered reliable if authentication is handled entirely by the web server.

The superglobal $_SERVER also includes several environment variables. Whether these are “safe” or not depend on how (and where) they are defined. They can range from completely server controlled to completely user controlled.



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