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Mount FTP servers on Linux as folder

Stanislav KhromovStanislav Khromov

Mounting FTP server as folders on Linux is easy!

Start out by installing the CurlFtpFS package. On CentOS this is done by:

yum install curlftpfs

(Requires the EPEL repo)

To mount, simply invoke invoke

curlftpfs /mnt/ftp_mounted

That’s it!

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Comments 4
  • bassel
    Posted on

    bassel bassel

    Reply Author

    i get this error

    fuse: failed to open /dev/fuse: Operation not permitted

    • Stanislav Khromov
      Posted on

      Stanislav Khromov Stanislav Khromov

      Reply Author

      Either Fuse is not installed, not working, or you are inside a virtualized container that does not support Fuse (iirc OpenVZ does not allow it by default)

      • Urh L
        Posted on

        Urh L Urh L

        Reply Author

        Any solution — I am probably inside OpenVZ — because I have VPS.. ? Thanks

  • Leonardo Cortes
    Posted on

    Leonardo Cortes Leonardo Cortes

    Reply Author

    Doesn’t work, i obtain error connecting to ftp, where can i see the log file? i’m getting furious :D