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Using PHP code in Invision Power Board templates

Stanislav KhromovStanislav Khromov

Invision Power Board gives you a PHP template tag. With this you can use PHP inside most templates (skin/block/page templates and more!).

Here’s a quick example of usage inside a template:

$foo = 5+5;

Print example 1 - {$foo}
Print example 2 - {parse expression="$foo"}

Both of the last two lines print our variable $foo. What’s interesting with the second example is that it can be used to evaluate a PHP expression.

For example, I had issues with an ISO-8859-1 RSS feed – to display it correctly, I ran it through utf8_decode(), as you can see in the example below:

{parse expression="utf8_decode($r['title'])"}

More reading
IPB Documentation on parse tags

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Comments 2
  • Vladislav
    Posted on

    Vladislav Vladislav

    Reply Author

    Stanislav, thank you! I just had a problem with the output variables from the script.

  • Paul
    Posted on

    Paul Paul

    Reply Author

    Your information is deprecated. php-tag doesn’t work on the modern IPB versions. As for me, I used the PHP-code in IPB with the following construction:

    {{$cur_year = date('Y');}}