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Convert comma separated values to array in PHP

Stanislav KhromovStanislav Khromov

A short snippet you can use:

 * @param $string - Input string to convert to array
 * @param string $separator - Separator to separate by (default: ,)
 * @return array
function comma_separated_to_array($string, $separator = ',')
  //Explode on comma
  $vals = explode($separator, $string);

  //Trim whitespace
  foreach($vals as $key => $val) {
    $vals[$key] = trim($val);
  //Return empty array if no items found
  return array_diff($vals, array(""));


$array_one = comma_separated_to_array("foo,bar,baz");
$array_two = comma_separated_to_array("1, 2, 3 ");



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Comments 4
  • Lamine
    Posted on

    Lamine Lamine

    Reply Author

    Useful post. I think you should replace the comma at line 10 by the $separator variable.

    Thanks for the post

  • shruti
    Posted on

    shruti shruti

    Reply Author

    Hi ,I did not get result same like array(‘foo’,’bar’,’baz’);. kindly advice

  • pricereduc
    Posted on

    pricereduc pricereduc

    Reply Author

    We can also add a third argument for explode function, this argument is an int type and can be positive or negative

    It’s useful if you want to limit the number of elements, therfore the last one will be the rest of the string

    $separator = “,”;
    $limit = 2;
    $vals = explode($separator, $string,$limit);

    print_r($vals); will show this output

    [0] => w
    [1] => x,y,z