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Cleaning up hacked WordPress spam, content injection and defacement using WP-CLI regex search

Stanislav KhromovStanislav Khromov

This post will show how you can use the build in search-replace function in WP-CLI with regex matching to batch remove harmful content from your WordPress site. This means that you can remove hundreds or thousands of injections in a matter of seconds instead of going through content and dumps manually.

Example of post_content injection:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Go to and figure out a good regex that fits your type of defacement.

For the defacement above, I settled with:


Now it’s time to run WP-CLI to remove the defacement.

It’s always good to test first with the --dry-run flag, which simulates a run but doesn’t actually do any replacements.

wp search-replace '<script.*?tk.*?<\/script>' '' --all-tables --dry-run --report-changed-only --precise --regex --regex-delimiter='/'

WP-CLI will tell you how many replacements are expected. When you feel like you’ve got a good result, remove --dry-run and you get the final command to run:

wp search-replace '<script.*?tk.*?<\/script>' '' --all-tables --report-changed-only --precise --regex --regex-delimiter='/'


Using Regex with WP CLI to Search & Replace in the Database

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