Allow resuming (append/restart) of FTP transfer using ProFTPD

Change the config file:

vim /etc/proftpd.conf

Add the following line:

AllowStoreRestart On

Save the file and restart the service.

service proftpd restart

All users should now be able to resume their uploads.

4 thoughts on “Allow resuming (append/restart) of FTP transfer using ProFTPD

  1. John Walker

    Thank you, this worked for me on my VPS server. But I did not need to restart service – says not running as a service, but if i run “sudo lsof” I see “in.proftp” running instead, with the name of the ftp user.

    Anyway, thanks for clear instruction!

  2. Gavin Jackson

    You may also want to add the additional similar config line…
    AllowRetrieveRestart On
    …which allows resumption of a download.


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