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Using special characters in Views contextual filters

I was trying to grab a taxonomy term through a Views Contextual filter in Drupal, but it wasn’t working because the term contained an ampersand. (& character)

Turns out you need to urlencode any special characters (such as ampersands) twice.

So the following term:


Should be sent like this


25 is the percent sign. 26 is the actual characters you want to send to the contextual filters, in my case an ampersand.

Using drush with project in SVN

If you use drush up or similar commands for upgrading modules or Drupal core, drush wants to use the SVN for temporarily backing up your previous module version.

To use the default file backup, specify the version-control-flag, like this:

drush up --version-control=backup

This will stop drush from using SVN or any other VCS your project may currently be using.